WholeHearted Musician Coaching Intensives for Chamber Music Ensembles

"I’ve observed Dana at the Blackbird Creative Lab and spoken with many people she’s worked with at seminars and workshops for artists at every level of their career. She cuts through the noise, the excuses, and the self-doubt to uncover the truth of a situation, and then empowers people to process and use that feedback to propel them forward. She’s not afraid to address the big items no one talks about in school or anywhere-- failure, money, time management, interpersonal issues--and use the issues around them as powerful tools in shaping a life and a career. Through her warmth and insight, she has a way of making you believe anything is possible." Nick Photinos, Cellist and Co-Artistic Director, Eighth Blackbird

The WholeHearted Musician Coaching Intensive with Dana Fonteneau is a unique opportunity for professional and serious pre-professional chamber music ensembles to work closely with an influential thinker in the music world who brings extensive experience working with top soloists, chamber ensembles, orchestral musicians, and educators, as well as with leading administrators, board members, and managers throughout the music industry. Participating ensembles will focus intensely on how to harness their talents to create a successful life in music. These intensives can be tailor made and specifically designed to fit your goals and needs.

Drawing on Dana’s diverse background in music, business, finance, and psychology, the residency includes a sequence of activities focused on topics including: 

  • Vision

  • Goal setting

  • Career plans & goals

  • Financial planning & wealth building

  • Health & wellness

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Stage presence & audience perception

  • Rehearsal techniques

  • Strategies for working with managers, presenters, residencies & festivals

The WholeHearted Musician Coaching Intensive allows participants to spend a full week with Dana Fonteneau investigating all areas of life to create an empowering, inspiring, healthy and successful career in chamber music.

“I’ve never felt so connected to my quartet. Dana forced me to get out of my head and really tune in to what everyone in the group is doing at every moment, both in rehearsal and in performance. Our performance at the end of the residency was unlike any performance I’d ever had.”  — Chris Whitley, violin, Thalea Quartet

Sample Daily Schedule
9:30am—12:30pm: Group work with Dana
12:30pm—1:30pm: Lunch
2:00pm—4:00pm: Individual work with Dana or group/personal work time
4:00pm—6:00pm: Ensemble time or continued group work with Dana
6:00pm—7:00pm: Dinner
7:30pm—9:00pm: Rehearsal, master class, performance, or group process time

“The work we did at the WholeHearted Musician’s Residency for Chamber Ensembles with Dana Fonteneau cleared a large path forward for continued success and growth for our group Invoke! A better understanding of our individual goals and how they relate to the group goals will help any other ensemble in their path. The confidence I developed as an individual and a group really is helping me during this period of transition in my life. — Zachariah Matteson, violinist of INVOKE

“Dana Fonteneau provided our quartet with the conceptual tools, communicative abilities, and psychological atmosphere that are essential for any group engaging in the genuine conversations that need to be had during the search for an authentic identity. After one week with Dana, we felt exposed to a unique type of absolute communication that is seldom found in any professional or personal environment. Before working with Dana, we felt intimidated by our industry, uncertain of our intentions, and uncomfortable with confronting the practical complexities of professional music making. After an intense series of personal inquiry and masterfully guided discussions, we found ourselves in an exhilarating condition of newfound optimism. Now, with a unified vision and an arsenal of methods for self-discovery, our quartet feels ready to thrive.” — Houndstooth Quartet 

This residency is designed for outstanding  professional and pre-professional  chamber music ensembles who are already pursuing a career or are preparing to launch a professional career. Each ensemble is required to have been together for a minimum of two years and be seriously committed to one another and staying together as an ensemble. Only inspired and serious ensembles will be considered.

Learn more by contacting Dana Fonteneau at (415) 820-1691 or admin@danafonteneau.com