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Conquering Stage Fright: Learn the Art of Successful Performance

After nearly 20 years of studying psychology, somatic awareness and mindset as well over a decade of facilitating people through life changing breakthroughs with mind/body psychology, I am thrilled to be offering this integrative workshop for performing artists and public speakers.

Conquering Stage Fright ⁣
with Dana Fonteneau, M.M., M.A., LMFT MFC#49425⁣

Tired of freaking out before and during a concert? Unhappy with your performance on stage? Frustrated that no matter how hard you work, it feels like you can never do your best?⁣

During this 2 day workshop you will learn how to:⁣

-understand your somatic symptoms ⁣
-understand how your thoughts create physical symptoms⁣
-learn how to use symptoms such as adrenaline to your advantage⁣
-learn somatic tools and mental exercises to transform your symptoms into performance assets⁣
-get to the heart of what is actually causing your fear⁣
-set realistic goals about what ACTUALLY matters to you⁣
-stop delegating to external authorities⁣
-define success in a way that inspires you⁣
-create empowering practice sessions ⁣
-strategically plan your performance goals: physically, -emotionally and mentally⁣
-prepare ahead of time so you can anticipate your fear and utilize it as courage⁣
-visualize your optimized performance⁣
-be with inspired, like-minded community⁣

When: Saturdays 3/30 & 4/6/19 10:00 am-6:00 pm⁣

Where: Berkeley, CA⁣

Additional 1, 1-hr follow-up group call TBD⁣

Investment fee: $999 with registration or 3 installments of $350⁣

To Register: e-mail