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Mastering Group Dynamics: Learn How to Optimize Communication, Rehearsing and Strategic Planning so Your Ensemble Can Be as Successful as Possible.

Rarely does any chamber music ensemble or group of people get along perfectly without conflict, misunderstandings or disagreements. In most people’s musical education, they are taught how to master their craft but not how to work together with other people. Ensembles are often formed based on playing level and general compatibility but rarely do people take the time to really assess how different personalities work together. Frequent personnel changes and group disbanding are common results of not having the tools to handle challenging interpersonal dynamics, conflicting priorities, misunderstandings and disagreements.

During this 90-minute experiential workshop renowned career coach, psychotherapist and former concert cellist Dana Putnam Fonteneau will teach you how to:

  • Get to the heart of what conflict really is and how to resolve it

  • Turn seemingly conflicting differences into complimentary strengths

  • Increase communication skills including:

    • Clarifying vision

    • Clearly articulate group goals

    • Clearly articulate time commitments

    • Clearly define each person’s roll and responsibilities

    • Clearly articulate group policy around communication turn around time, cancellation policy, and more

  • Learn how to successfully have difficulty conversations and address the “elephant in the room”

  • Learn strategies for resolving tension, dealing with intense emotions, reducing judgement of self and others and getting back on track to successful rehearsing, discussion and decision making.