Musician & Ensemble Coaching

Over the past two decades, Dana has developed a strong track record of helping both those with established careers and rising talents clarify their goals and achieve sustainable results. Her clients have included Grammy Award-winners, Avery Fisher career grant recipients, and Fulbright Scholars, along with leaders and board members from major arts organizations. She has also worked with members of the Boston, Dallas, and Seattle Symphonies and faculty members from the Juilliard School, New England Conservatory, Peabody Institute, and San Francisco Conservatory. Her work is conducted one-on-one and in small group settings to address career planning, interpersonal dynamics, performance anxiety, and financial planning and negotiations.


“Working with Dana Fonteneau was a life-altering experience. What started out as a short-term, goal-oriented set of sessions helping me prepare for an audition blossomed into a half-year exploration of my relationship with my own music-making. Her practical suggestions for dealing with nerves, self-doubt, and professional goals were so clear and practical, making them easy to implement in my own life. And when we stepped back to look at the bigger picture, I was shocked at how empowered I found myself in removing barriers that had been impeding my musical progress for years.”  

     — Matt Albert (Eighth Blackbird and University of Michigan)

“Dana Fonteneau has an extraordinary ability to help individuals and organizations  achieve more than they think possible. Her work has the potential to enact long term positive change throughout the music industry, to give musicians the tools they need to succeed, and to ensure the health of classical music for the future.” 

     — John Zion (Managing Director, MKI Artists)

“I’ve closely observed Dana’s work for a number of years having engaged her to work with students and our Young Professional String Quartet in Residence at the Butler School of Music, in addition to have worked with her individually and as a group with the Miró Quartet. She always excels far beyond any expectations of myself and those she is working with. It is truly inspiring to witness the transformations and life-altering experiences that Dana empowers in her clients, how direct and clear she can distill issues for each person using their own language, and how she gives new life to each environment and individual she touches. It is my strong belief that everything Dana is developing for our profession is precisely what is needed for every artist and professional in our business.” 

     — William Fedkenheuer (Miró Quartet and University of Texas at Austin)


“Dana Fonteneau is a magician. I have seen her at least three times (Chamber Music America and with university students) and it is inspiring. She has a way of reaching each person as if this were a one-on-one session. The results are transformative, and I can’t recommend her more highly!” 

     — Norman Fischer (Rice University and Tanglewood Music Center)